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I want to create bootable usb for rhel linux from iso image. please suggest me methods, i can use window or linux itself for creating bootable usb/pen-drive.


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Boot from CD, and choose as installation target the USB-Drive. It is typically enumerated behind the hard drives, so if you have 2 harddrives, they're /dev/sda and sdb, and the usb would be sdc. But try to verify this, somehow (look for the size) to prevent overwriting the wrong stuff. – user unknown Feb 20 '12 at 7:24

Use Unetbootin, that should do what you want and is cross platform

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I have always been successful by using the dd command:

dd if=linux.iso of=/dev/sdx

which assumes that linux.iso is in the current directory and is a generic Linux .iso name used herein as an example only to substitute for an actual Linux .iso file name in order to illustrate the dd command usage, and where x is the letter of the USB device name which can be determined by using the Disk Utility application from System>Administration from the main menu bar (e.g. Ubuntu).

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