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I need to create an equation that calculates the amount of native currency using an absolute cell reference formula. I am doing an assignment and it requires me to find the native currency of $1 equivalent to these 7 different counrtries. AUSTRIA, BELIZE, CHILE, CZECH REPUBLIC, SWEDEN, THAILAND, AND UKRAINE. I am having the hardest time trying to figure out how to get the correct answers when I due the work. Please someone help me out. Thanks so much...

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show us what you tried, what are your inputs and expected outputs. Your question as stated here is really unclear – JMax Feb 20 '12 at 8:25

An absolute cell reference is referred to by using $.

  • $A1 is an absolute reference to column A but the row can change.
  • A$1 is an absolute reference to row 1 while the column can change.
  • $A$1 is an absolute reference to both column A & row 1.

If you want anything more than that, edit your question to let us know what you have tried and exactly which part you are having a problem with.

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