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How to remove all album art images in multiple mp3 from multiple directories in single process?

Is there any web-utility /software that I can use ?

I don't want to edit single mp3 album art and save it.

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do you wish to remove album art or update them ? –  Shekhar Feb 20 '12 at 13:21

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For Windows, there is a program called "taghycardia" that can do batch cover art removal from multiple mp3 files/folders without much hassle. It can also optionally extract the images into respective folders.

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Using eyeD3 tool:

eyeD3 --remove-all-images *.mp3

Source: Ubuntu forums

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For me I had to use --remove-images. –  Max Howell Nov 19 '13 at 1:01
you can install it with pip : sudo pip install eyeD3 –  guillaumevincent Apr 23 at 18:41

I love MP3Tag, one of the best utilities for what you're looking for.


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Thanks, Sandeep.. –  SamSol Feb 20 '12 at 12:24

I tried 3 programs on the 3 copies of an mp3 with album art image, all the 3 changed the file so that Totem media player did not display the image after, but:

  • eyeD3 : commandline, the filesize remains the same !

  • EasyTAG : slow graphical interface, resulting file is larger !!!

  • Audio Tag Tool : significantly smaller filesize, responsive graphical interface, however it can only delete the whole tag (i.e. artist, title, album, etc, not just image), called "tagtool" in the ubuntu repo

All 3 have batch mode.

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