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Is there a way of writing a batch-script that's executed via C:\>cmd.exe a.bat to switch into powershell.exe and run the remaining lines of code?

1. | echo "Hi. I'm cmd.exe."
2. | powershell
3. | echo "Now, I'm PowerShell.exe! Look:"
4. | get-random

This just stops after line #2 waiting for input.

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See this StackOverflow question: How to execute powershell commands from a batch file? – Siim K Feb 20 '12 at 18:53
So, looks like one just simply puts: powershell -Command "& {echo "Now, I''m PowerShell.exe! Look:";get-random}" Thanks! – Firebowl2000 Feb 20 '12 at 19:54

You can write a .bat file and use this for the first line:

;@Findstr -bv ;@F "%~f0" | powershell -noprofile -command - & goto:eof

This line pipes all lines from the current file ("%~f0") that don't start with ";@F" to PowerShell to be executed. The remaining lines would be PowerShell code. Here is an example.

;@Findstr -bv ;@F "%~f0" | powershell -noprofile -command - & goto:eof

$procCount = (Get-Process).Count
Write-Host "There are $procCount processes running right now." -fore green
Start-Sleep 5
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