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Some pop-up ads have been appearing. Chrome blocks them, but it's annoying anyway. Some websites (like Google Reader) seems to not work well due to this.

I suspect this is due to a malware in Chrome for a couple of reasons: It is only in Chrome (not in Firefox), and it seems to have been syncronized through my other PC (with some delay).

I know it's pretty unlikely to have a malware or virus in Ubuntu but, I know too that Chrome uses Sandboxing. So... is it possible to have a malware "sheltering" in Chrome? If yes, how can I remove it.

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Could you please list all Chrome extensions you have enabled? – Vadim Rutkovsky Feb 20 '12 at 6:37

Sandboxing in Chrome is not yet fully implemented under Linux, however to get a malware is rare by every means. In case you are worried, you can always enable apparmor profiles for Chromium.

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It could be because of your installed extensions. Delete any extensions you aren't sure about.

Try the AdBlock extension too.

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Conversely, it could be because they do have an ad-blocker installed in Firefox but not in Chrome. – Synetech Feb 21 '12 at 2:46

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