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Presenting an exhibit on a video wall consisting of 6-monitors, I need to launch a browser full-screen across all monitors to display HTML content.

On a single monitor, I know browsers such as Internet Explorer can use the "-k" parameter to launch in kiosk or full-screen mode:

iexplore.exe -k [path]

But this launches the browser on a singular display.

All monitors are attached to one computer with a bridged graphics card supporting 8-independent displays via 8-DVI outs.

Clearly I can stretch the browser across all displays manually by resizing the window; however, I'm looking for an automated full-screen mode in which address bar / tabs / any chrome of the browser is hidden. Only the page content should be displayed.

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I've seen setups where the driver handles all connected displays as a single virtual displays. That way your application could use it completely. Otherwise the application or at least the window manager needs to be multimonitor aware and capable. I would try the virtual single display approach first.

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