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I'm looking for a very simple 2 or 3 line LCD display that allows me to print custom data to it from the a linux box (Ubuntu and RHEL).

I want something like this or this that fits in the front of my display case, but instead of fan data or any fancy graphics I just want to be able to print custom data, such as recent Nagios notifications, system load, failed jobs in Jenkins, random jokes, whatever takes my fancy. I can script, and I don't mind figuring out raw commands for USB/serial devices, and the capacity in which the script runs doesn't bother me (Periodically updating or running constantly streaming to/from the device, I don't care, I can deal with it). I also don't mind delving into a proper language like C/C++ to get this to work (Though I'll probably wrap it into a higher level Python module or something friendly).

Any suggestions?

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In today's "Hack-a-day" there was this entry about connecting your parallel port to a simple 2 line LCD screen. Because these small LCD panels have long been standard, its a very simple project, limited only by your creativity.

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