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Installing TTF fonts in Windows XP is easy (through Control Panel), but I was given an AFM font by a designer as part of the package he prepared to be viewed on Adobe Photoshop.

Control Panel's Install New Font doesn't see .afm files when prompting with the selection dialog box.

How do I make my Photoshop CS3 see those fonts?

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If you only received an .afm file, it's useless to you as it is. It's an Adobe Font Metrics file -- it only contains a Type 1 font's basic description and metrics. To actually make use of the font you also need the glyph data, normally in a .pfa or .pfb file.

If you also received a .pfa file, then you've also got the glyph data, but you'll need to find a way to convert the ASCII .pfa and .afm files into binary .pfb and .pfm files that Windows can use.

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