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I use "cd -" to jump back and forth between two directories.

Is there a command that will rotate between three directories?

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If the directories you are using are static, you can just add a permanent alias to your .bashrc file. If you add a full path you can use simple commands to jump between the directories. – Eugene S Feb 23 '12 at 9:57

There are commands (builtins) to maintain a stack of directories: pushd and popd.

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Care to elaborate a bit more? Given that the user didn't find these 'simple' commands, I reckon there's more to it then just mentioning their name – Ivo Flipse Feb 27 '12 at 15:28
use man builtins to get info on pushd, popd, and dirs. Set up convenient aliases to navigate. e.g. after 2 pushes, pushd +1 will rotate through the 3 directories. – libjack Feb 29 '12 at 20:07

pushd and popd can be used here, however unlike the former poster: see also this howto once you have populated the $DIRSTACK with directories you can also use dirs and cd ~1 to jump to directories in $DIRSTACK directly!

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First add the second and third directories to the directory stack (your working directory is already in the stack).

pushd second/directory/path
pushd third/directory/path

Then rotate through your directories with the following command:

pushd +1
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Maybe this is too obvious, open two or three terminals and run mc in them?

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pushd/popd and $DIRSTACK solutions proposed in other answers are the "canonical" way.

Another option would be to use screen command. You open your directories in different sreens and switch between next/previous using shortcuts - Ctrl-a n for next and Ctrl-a p for previous. Or using Ctrl-a anyNumber to go to a specific screen. Or using Ctrl-a doublequote to display and visually select which screen you want.

Check all possible window navigation shortcuts.

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Try using 'z' link. It remember which directories you have been to and you can jump around with short commands and abbreviated directory names.

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