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Hello I wondered if anyone could help me with a small problem i have with my calculator. I have been trying to do my accounts online using the windows 7 calculator. I cant get the calculator to work with my keyboard keys, It only works with the mouse. This is a bit of a pain as it takes me twice as long using the mouse. If someone could help me it would be much appreciated, Thank you.

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It works OK for me. Which keys are you trying to use - the main keyboard or the number pad keys? Also does the calculator have focus? If it doesn't then it won't react to the key presses. – ChrisF Feb 23 '12 at 9:38
once you press on number in any place, can you see the number? – khalid Feb 23 '12 at 10:11
Chris It only works on the numbers on the main keyboard, I would just find it so much easier if the numbers worked on the number key pads. I am sorry to be unintelligent about this but i dont know what focus is or where to find out if i have it. Khalid only when i use the main keyboard thank you for taking the time to reply to me. – Helen Feb 23 '12 at 10:23
i am sorry to have wasted your time but i have just worked it out :) all i had to do was press NumLK,Scr LK button above the number key pad. I thought i must have been something simple i just couldnt figure it, until now. Thank you again. – Helen Feb 23 '12 at 10:27
could you post that as an answer, and come back and select as such when its possible, please? It would help, should someone else have the same issue, and keep the question from floating back up as unanswered – Journeyman Geek Feb 23 '12 at 11:24

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