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Consider a problem of searching several wikis at one command. Here's a possible solution. If one'd add the following to the .pentadactylrc:

javascript <<EOF
    dactyl.searchWikis = function (selection) {
        let parsedSelection = selection.replace(/^\s*/, "" ).replace(/\s*$/, "" ).replace(/\s+/g, "+" );
        dactyl.execute( ":tabopen" + selection);
        dactyl.execute( ":tabopen" + selection);

:command wikiSearch -nargs=* -js dactyl.searchWikis(<args>)

That should've solved it - but the problem is - that this way Pentadactyl doesn't see the JS code. I.e. new command wikiSearch doesn't appear. Can You fix it?

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I believe you need to add your function on the userContext, rather than on dactyl.


javascript <<EOF
    userContext.searchWikis = function (selection) {
        commands.execute("tabopen" + selection);
        commands.execute("tabopen" + selection);

I took the parsedSelection line out, as selection doesn't appear to come in as a string.

Also try removing the angle-brackets from <args>:

command wikiSearch -nargs=* -js userContext.searchWikis(args)
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I wanted to award You - but did something wrong. I'll award You at the end of the bounty. – Adobe Apr 6 '12 at 7:39
@Adobe that's how bounties work. you start a bounty, you can award the amount after 2 days of starting the bounty. How does the bounty system work? – Sathya Apr 6 '12 at 8:14
@Adobe Thanks, glad it helped. Pentadactyl is a fantastic piece of software. – ngm Apr 6 '12 at 19:53

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