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I think of some simple way getting stuff into clipboard. Instead of digging into files all the time, I would like to have something like this:

When I would move the mouse on the right edge of my screen a list of my snippets comes up and I can click or select what I want to paste.

I mean not something like klipper, it has to be more! Is something like this out there?

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Have you tried Ditto Open-source clipboard manager. Check out its wiki - it seems to have the features you're looking for

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yeah thx looks like this is what i need –  user117914 Feb 24 '12 at 19:12

While its not exactly like that, things that managed collected snippets in a free flowing notebook is a greatly overlooked app. The two most popular are Tomboy (unix, etc) and OneNote (MS Office). With both, you have to paste your clips into notebook pages, but the great thing is you can organize them by sections and themes. They both have taskbar icons to help out.

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