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I'm trying to configure Fluxbox to show my xterms with a specific subset of window decorations.

This blog post is where I'm getting my information from.

Here's what I have in my ~/.fluxbox/apps:

[app] (name=xterm) (class=XTerm)
    [Dimensions] {660 400}
    [Deco] {519}

This should give xterms a titlebar, handle/grips, border, and enable tabbing.

It kind of works, but I'm still getting the minimize, maximize, close and sticky buttons.

Any idea how I can get rid of them?

Also - can someone please add a fluxbox tag, I don't have any rep on superuser!

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looks like a bug, i ll have a look at the code tomorrow, hopefully (-> akira @ – akira Sep 11 '09 at 18:13
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the bug should be fixed now in git, with the next release you should get it as well

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Thanks akira :) – stickmangumby Sep 13 '09 at 6:09

I've just had a quick look at the FluxBox Wiki site to see if I can find any information that might be of help to you and I found these:

Make windows only show a border (with tabs if you want) FluxBox Wiki - Make windows only show a border

There's another wiki page there that tells you how to edit the apps file... unfortunately I'm only allowed to post one link as I'm new.

Hope this link helps, Tim

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