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I use Zotero (3.0.3) in my Firefox browser (8.0). I have built a large inventory of literature over a one year period which is quite valuable to me. That inventory is synced with Zotero's online server, but the inventory saved with their server on their webpage under My Library is not as interactive and convenient as their browser based tool which is shown in following snapshot:

enter image description here

My concern is that I believe this browser based tool (the one in above snapshot) is computer specific. I am not sure if I change a computer whether I would still be able to access my literature with all the folders and files in similar fashion as I have with Zotero in my present computer.

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Read Zotero's documentation, make sure both data syncing and file syncing have been configured, and you should be fine. Get access to another computer and test!

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Or just create a second Firefox profile. – grawity Feb 23 '12 at 21:44

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