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I have two Linux computers on a LAN (call them Foo and Bar), and I'd like to find a way to capture stream video from the webcam on Foo to Bar.

I'd like to avoid using a GUI client which uses a complex network protocol, like Telepathy, which uses XMPP, or Skype, which uses a proprietary protocol, and I feel like there's probably a nice, simple, UNIX-oriented approach using the command-line and pipes, like bar$ ssh Foo "cat /dev/video0" > stream.avi.

Maybe I need to use the gstreamer command-line tool. I'd appreciate any guidance anyone can offer on this.

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While not quite UNIX, VLC should be able to do this, judging from its wiki and from its documentation.

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Seems like a good approach. I found another article which also describes how to do this: – jbeard4 Feb 23 '12 at 22:35

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