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For some reason when Yahoo Answers links appear in google search results, I am unable to click these links in Firefox, it just brings me to a blank page. In IE this works fine.

Any ideas?

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Consider this to be an act of mercy... – sblair Feb 23 '12 at 23:08
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The same thing happened to me! And it was all Yahoo sites, not just Answers. I FINALLY solved my problem today.

Do you have the Firefox add-on Disconnect enabled? If so, do the following:

  • Firefox Tools -> Add-ons
  • Remove Disconnect
  • Restart Firefox
  • Reinstall Disconnect (I was running version 1.0.0 I believe, but reinstalling gave me version 0.0.0)
  • Restart Firefox
  • Try Googling a Yahoo answers question and open the link

Hopefully it'll work! I was having the same problem and once I disabled Disconnect, I realized that was the issue. But for internet security, I reinstalled it and luckily the Yahoo sites still worked.

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