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Under Windows XP, what are some alternatives to the default disk defragmenter?

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Defraggler from the same guys who brought you CCleaner and Recuva! All are great pieces of software.

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I found Defraggler far too slow for full drive defrag. My drive is only 500Gb and only 48% full; after 10 minutes of defragging, it was only 2% done. – Peon Jan 11 '12 at 6:17

JKdefrag is what I have been using to great effect. It's also Free!

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run it as a screen-saver – Steven A. Lowe Jul 17 '09 at 21:29
Jeroen Kessels recently released the 4.0 version and changed the name to MyDefrag. – Leonel Martins Jul 17 '09 at 23:47
jkdefrag is a lot simpler than mydefrag - personally i've been sticking to jkdefrag since i don't want the fancy options - i just want it to do what i need it to do, without bothering me with the minitae. – Journeyman Geek Mar 29 '11 at 1:15

I was using O&O Defrag for years, but recently switched to PerfectDisk. PerfectDisk is still able to defragment even when the hard drive has very little free disk space.

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PerfectDisk is great, best defrag tool I've ever used by far. However, it's a lot more than most people need, so I'd be more inclined to recommend something free such as Defraggler. – Sasha Chedygov Jul 17 '09 at 21:16
@SashaChedygov PerfectDisk now has a free version. – galacticninja Oct 5 '12 at 9:19

PerfectDisk is one that actually works and is not totally annoying. :)

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Would like to add here that PerfectDisk now has a free version. – galacticninja Oct 5 '12 at 9:19

Power Defragmenter, a free GUI for Sysinternals' Contig. Haven't used the latest version, but I found that the previous version's Power Defragment mode was both fast and effective.

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DisKeeper is good.. has a managed version for enterprise.

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O&O Defrag,

It will actually move files around (instead of just defragging individual files). In this way files that are in the same folder will all be physically be close on the disk.

It can also defrag files that are in use by Windows (e.g. the MFT) by doing defragging at boot time. This however requires that the defragging runs as a result of being defined in a job.

I can recommend it. I have used it for many years without any problems and it is not intrusive; there is no noticeable degradation in performance while it runs.

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