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I've recently purchased a new server, it's set up and configured with CentOS 5.7 and cPanel/WHM.

DNS resolves correctly when accessing websites that point to the server, however, there is a problem when I ping/traceroute.

For Example sake; my hostname is

But when I do a traceroute on any of my domains pointing to this host/directly to the IP of the server, it returns this:

1     0       0       0    -  

2     0       0       0  
3     31      31      31  
4     30      30      30  
5     37      37      39  
6     134     131     134  
7     151     162     174        x.x.x.x  
8     200     200     204        x.x.x.x  
9     199     199     191        x.x.x.x
(IP removed & Hostname's x'd for privacy)

The hostname for my server is now appearing as (ie; not my servers hostname)

Also, when I'm using Pingdom's tools, Both their ping/traceroute testers are returning "Invalid hostname" - which I'm guessing is because of this.

I've changed resolver.conf - used the system-config-network tool - checked the hosts file

What do I need to do to set the hostname correctly? Is this something I need to contact my provider about?

Thank you kindly.

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IN PTR RR in zone for your IP must be changed to reflect your hostname (if it's your personal IP). This changes can be done by network-range owner only

PS - there aren't any privacy/security leaks in publishing IP-address and|or your hostname

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I see, so I'll have to contact my hosting provider? - I know, I just don't want to be DOS'd :) – Moe Feb 24 '12 at 5:44
@Moe - yes, you have to – Lazy Badger Feb 24 '12 at 6:54

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