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My system is a Microsoft Windows 7 running on VMare, now I need run VMware Player to run another Virtual Machine in Windows 7(by opeing .vmdk file). However, I meet an error which shows:

Error message

Does any know what should I do to run this VM in my VM?

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It's telling you what to do in the error message. – duskwuff Feb 24 '12 at 6:08
I once tried to run MVS 3.8J inside Hercules inside Linux inside VMWare on Windows. It ran, but not as fast as I'd hoped. So this may not be the best idea. – paxdiablo Feb 24 '12 at 6:13
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Although for many reasons you'd be better to run this child vm as a sibling VM on the physical host (instead of inside your Windows 7 VM), if you wanted to you need to edit the .vmx files for the Windows 7 VM, assuming you have access.

NOTE: Your child VM will not run well and VMware Tools will not work. This is an experimental configuration and not advised for long term use.

Add the following lines to the .VMX file of your VM: = “TRUE” = “TRUE” = “TRUE” = “TRUE”

monitor_control.disable_directexec = “TRUE”

monitor_control.disable_chksimd = “TRUE”

monitor_control.disable_ntreloc = “TRUE”

monitor_control.disable_selfmod = “TRUE”

monitor_control.disable_reloc = “TRUE”

monitor_control.disable_btinout = “TRUE”

monitor_control.disable_btmemspace = “TRUE”

monitor_control.disable_btpriv = “TRUE”

monitor_control.disable_btseg = “TRUE”

Also, ensure you change the VMware tools upgrade policy so it doesn't try to fix the VMware tools not functioning.

tools.upgrade.policy = “manual”

Then start the Windows 7 VM and you shoul.

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Here's an illustrated guide:

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This guide is show us how to install VMware ESX Server Guest Operating System, but now my problem is can't run Vmare inside a virtual machine. – imJustice Feb 24 '12 at 6:13

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