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I have several questions about multitouch in Linux:

  1. Is multitouch and MPX (multi-pointer extension) related? If an application handles multiple cursors does it mean that it is multitouch-ready?
  2. How to test if multitouch is really working
    1. In the system (Xorg, drivers)
    2. In the given application
  3. How to test/develop for multitouch if I don't have a multitouch device? Can I simulate it somehow?
  4. How to test that html5 multitouch support is working? Should I, for example, use this demo?

Update 1:

[2.1] To see if multitouch is supported in drivers one can dump /dev/input/eventX and see whether it has multitouch-related events (like 0x2f /*MT slot being modified*/ or 0x35 /* Center X ellipse position */): hd /dev/input/event... | grep ' 00 03 00 2f'

[3] Started simple touchscreen simulator. May be there is already one somewhere?

Update 2:

According to xinput test 6 I see the multitouch events. But in xev output I see only repeated MotionEvents without additional coordinates for multitouch. XInput2 data also does not contain any multitouch-related...

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1) Multitouch and MPX is related. 2) There are many online DIY kits online to create a multitouch environment. I think nuigroup.com is a good starting point. 3) Question 2 answers this too. There are small scale and large scale devices. 4) research –  ChrisinNL Sep 30 at 19:02
Note: I've already developed my own solution to 3.: github.com/vi/virtual_touchscreen –  Vi. Sep 30 at 22:05

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