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This is a followup to How to make the first page of a PDF display by itself and the succeeding pages display two-up - how do I get Acrobat X on Windows 7 to print a file with a title page correctly in two-up mode so that the title page starts on the right half of the paper? The pdf in question is the LuaTeX manual.

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Prepend an empty page in front of the manual. (You may use gs and pdftk to achieve that.)

I think that's the only way, as you cannot get what you ask for directly from Acrobat X on Windows 7.

Create empty page with Ghostscript:

gs -o emptypage.pdf -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -r72 -g595x842 -c "showpage"

Prepend emptypage.pdf to your manual:

pdftk emptypage.pdf manual.pdf cat output emptypage+manual.pdf
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