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How can I fetch the images of a public website using wget? It's not a huge site: it has about 40 pages, with around three images per page.

I want to avoid:

  1. Manually downloading the images
  2. Downloading the whole site

Any ideas?

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I really want to do this to Stack Overflow and the SO Trilogy for their sick layout images, at – Maxim Zaslavsky Dec 9 '09 at 2:41
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You can use wget and tell it to only down image files or use


You want to download all the GIFs from a directory on an HTTP server. You tried `wget*.gif', but that didn't work because HTTP retrieval does not support globbing. In that case, use:

wget -r -l1 --no-parent -A.gif

More verbose, but the effect is the same. -r -l1' means to retrieve recursively (see section 3. Recursive Retrieval), with maximum depth of 1.--no-parent' means that references to the parent directory are ignored (see section 4.3 Directory-Based Limits), and -A.gif' means to download only the GIF files.-A "*.gif"' would have worked too.

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That's the spirit!! Why can't I upvote you?... – Juan Charrasqueado Sep 11 '09 at 2:00
you'll need 15 karma points to cast a vote ... but i can :) +1 – Molly7244 Sep 11 '09 at 2:03

I write a util named ifetch, you can try it.

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Online Images Batch Download 1.1.0 (Firefox Addon)

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see this.

The second template is all pictures of the website. I guess thats what you wanted?

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