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I have a macbook running 10.4.11 and can connect to the internet using a BT dongle (ZTEUSB Modem) but cannot access any websites through any browser. I have ditched preference files, in fact anything to do with network connections, uninstalled/reinstalled, updated all software OS etc. you name it but still no joy. I can however connect by Wi-Fi to my home router. Searched high and low and can't find a solution. Please can anyone help

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When the dongle has a connection try using terminal with


If you get a reply from your connection is running so you should be able to access using

If this works but you can't access using your name resolution is broken.

If ping doesn't give you a reply, your connection is not set up correctly. Try

ping <default gateway for dongle-if>

you can read out the configured default gateway by opening network config, selecting your dongle click on advanced and then TCP/IP

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