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I am in possession of a windows harddrive that was recently infected and as a new user to Linux, I wish to salvage as much data as possible from the harddrive. A few questions though.

  • Can the viruses affect my Linux installation in any way?
  • What is the best way to salvage as much information as possible whilst ensuring the files I am attempting to save are not infected and that do not infect my installation of Linux?

Appreciate any other advise and tips.

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@Sathya - Thanks. I had a read of that post however it did not answer my question whether if there is a possibility to infect Linux. I also amended my question slightly. – PeanutsMonkey Feb 26 '12 at 7:19
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The former, no, Viruses are usually OS specific, thought there have been a few multiplatform ones as of late

Imaging before recovery is often a good idea, in case something went wrong.

As for salvaging information, run an antivirus or three on it before mounting it on a linux livec for actual salvage to make sure the contents of the drive get cleaned up first- I'd recommend running multiple livecd AV distros --- MS has one in system sweeper , and there's a few more - for example avira.Clean out the disc first before you do anything, and what you salvage SHOULD be virus free.

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