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I have few NFS file systems which I mount manually after my AIX system boots up. Is there a way I can do it using /etc/filesystems?

What would be the syntax?

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The mknfsmnt command will add the appropriate entry to /etc/filesystems to mount NFS file systems at boot time - the I option does this. For further details read the man page for mknfsmnt or you can read the documentation on the IBM Webste. SMIT also provides an excellent interface to this command - command line SMIT - smitty nfs will get you to the SMIT panels for NFS.

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You probably should look for autofs. See IBM pages for more information.

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Here is an example;

    dev          = "/var/www/html/apacheapp/somedir"
    vfs          = nfs
    nodename     =
    mount        = true
    options      = bg,hard,intr,sec=sys
    account      = false
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