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I'm relatively new to Ubuntu/Gnome.

When I used KDE in BSD, I liked how Alt+Tab shows all window titles in a vertical list. I often have 20 windows open, so this is really helpful. I even tried Kubuntu last night but I think this new KDE is way too complicated. Also, I got overwhelmed by all the options so I went back to Ubuntu.

Mine is purely a workstation and I don’t want any fancy effects, thumbnails of the screenshot, or anything. I’m just looking for a plain Alt+Tab box with icon-title on each line.

I did a ton of extensive searches online, and saw screenshots of compiz, but it seems to just be super fancy visual effects, and still doesn’t give me the vertical list I want.

Does anyone know what I can use for this?


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Openbox provides a vertical task list (client-list-combined-menu) that you can bind to any key(s) or mouse button you want. The only difference is that in Openbox you click on the window you want to bring forward (or press the first letter).


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