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So, my situation is as following, I'm forced to keep a Skype video call open during nights while I sleep, I would like the screensaver to kick in and start after lets say 5 mins of me being idle.

From what I understand, the OS (Windows 7) thinks that it is not idle because the webcam is on, it makes quite a lot of sense. Howerever something tells me this can be avoided, because for example application like vlc do prevent the screensaver opening but there is an option to disable/enable that (at least it was like that).

Anyways to cut my story short I'd like to get some suggestions on the matter.

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Out of pure curiosity, what is forcing you to do this and what is the computer "watching"? – Raystafarian Feb 26 '12 at 22:45
Lets say that someone wants to be sure I'm right where I'm supposed to be :). – gmunk Feb 26 '12 at 23:34
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I can't seem to think of a way to stop skype from disabling the screen saver (maybe stack overflow might be a better place for this) but why not just create a shortcut to activate the screen saver and click on it when you go to sleep?

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\ and find the screensaver you want with the .scr extension and create a shortcut for it on the desktop (or wherever). Then whenever you are finished for the night, double click the shortcut to run the screensaver. This should work.

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I'd give it a try but yeah it seems quite logical to work :). Thanks! – gmunk Feb 26 '12 at 23:34

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