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I like browsing with Javascript disabled, and Twitter does not work without Javascript. This means all the links people give to regular Twitter URL's break without Javascript installed.

I'd like to redirect these url's to, which works fine without Javascript, but doesn't use the same URL structure (no hashbangs).

Is there a simple tool I can use to redirect URL's to

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This seems very doable with a userscript. – iglvzx Feb 27 '12 at 3:07

Though not an ideal solution, what I have done before is install a user agent faker/switcher plugin. Then configure to either iOS or Android. So long as the server (website that is visited) has been configured properly it should be redirected to the mobile version of the hyperlink. Unfortunately, far as I've seen, settings are global & lack site specific configuration. So the plugin will have to be disabled or a different browser used. When it is desired to browse in desktop mode.

Two possible candidates;
Chrome: User-Agent Switcher
Firefox: User Agent Switcher

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