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I downloaded this SASS syntax highlighting files and done the four steps instructed (as a Mac user). But I don't know how to run it so that my .sass file is converted to .css

Can you suggest me anything?

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I've given up on Sublime Text, everything needs to installed and configured, etc. Try using Aptana Studio3, compiling sass file is no-brainer just press crt+shift+r and it's done! – user260105 Oct 5 '13 at 14:48

You should check out Compass. Run a compass watch and never look back.

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I've been using Edge with Sublime Text 2 to live edit Sass & Compass files. Check it out here

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It looks like that uses Sublime's Build system to do the conversion. In Sublime, open "Tools > Build System" and choose Automatic, then try building (Cmd+B, F7, or Tools>Build.) If it still doesn't work, try changing the Build System from Automatic to SASS.

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I use hammer for mac which has built in support for compiling SASS, coffeescript, HAML among others, as well as loads of other great features such as non-PHP includes, clever paths, variables etc.

Highly recommend it.

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I'm not sure how different things will be on Mac, but I use Sublime Text 2 on both Windows and Linux without any issues regarding Sass. I haven't used the plugin sublime-text-haml-sass though.

I would say:

  1. Make sure Sass is installed on your system. The instructions for that plugin don't cover that. Make sure that Sass works outside Sublime. This has been a requirement for the plugins I've used for Sass processing.
  2. Select the correct Build System. For me, sometimes the Automatic option does not work. I would advise you to select it manually. The Compass and SASS Build plugins add Compass and SASS options respectively, to that Tools >> Build System menu. I would guess that sublime-text-haml-sass does the same.
  3. Remember to run the build (via Tools >> Build manually).
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CodeKit works like a charm; Simply open up your Sass/HTML/JS in Sublime Text, then run CodeKit.

Drag and drop your source folder into CodeKit, hit Preview and voila – it compiles and update all changes while giving you a live preview.

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