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I've learned about Dokan, but I don't know which file systems are implemented using that library.

Is there a list of some file systems that are implemented using Dokan?

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You can look here for that the page is down ,but here is wayback link and here are the comments!msg/dokan/dsnAPLMTNSU/dHIhOdlMMPsJ

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Awesome, thanks! – Mehrdad Feb 28 '12 at 19:50

Dokan has a specific use as described at page,

When you want to create a new file system on Windows, for example to improve FAT or NTFS, you need to develop a file system driver. Developing a device driver that works in kernel mode on windows is extremely difficult.
By using Dokan library, you can create your own file systems very easily without writing device driver. Dokan Library is similar to FUSE (Linux user mode file system) but works on Windows.

enter image description here

This UbuntuForums posting on HOWTO: Share from Linux using sshfs on Windows with "dokan" might be useful.

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