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I'm using Bitstream Vera Sans as the sans-serif font in Firefox 11.0 beta for Windows 7 x64. There is a drastic jump in size from 16(pt?) to 17(pt?), to the point where 16 is barely legible, and 17 takes up too much space. I tried changing the value to 16.5 in about:config, but it told me that 16.5 isn't an integer (which it isn't). I fell in love with this font, so is there any option beyond dropping Vera?

This is Size 16: Size 16

This is Size 17: Size 17

Open the images in a new tab for full size. As you may be able to ascertain from the screenshot, I'm a fairly serious Wikipedia editor, and it helps to be able to read a lot of text at once, but I still need legibility.

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You could try using the NoSquint Firefox extension which allows one to control text zoom independently from overall zoom and then set the zoom incremental amount to something like 10% of normal (after setting your default sans-serif font size to 16 pts). This works for me in 32-bit Firefox 10.0.2.

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It's a great add-on. Completely solved my issue. – yutsi Feb 27 '12 at 19:52
@Yutsi: Glad to hear it solved your problem -- I wasn't sure about whether it'd work with a 64-bit build. NoSquint is a great add-on for Firefox -- I've been using it for a very long time. It effectively lets one customize the font size displayed on a site-by-site basis which it'll then remember between sessions. – martineau Feb 27 '12 at 20:46

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