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I can't use my smart card any more. When using it to unlock my PC, I get "smart card is blocked", and in other scenarios I am told my PIN has been guessed incorrectly too many times.

I don't recall guessing incorrectly, but anyway I need to unblock my smart card. How can I do this?

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Without knowing what kind of card you're using: often resetting is not possible. Once blocked, all access to the smart card is blocked, including any access that might be used to change the PIN.

So I guess you need to find a way to register/associate another card with the same computer.

(Providing more details on your system may help though.)

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Thanks. +1 since I didn't even know that the type of card mattered. – Andrew Arnott Sep 12 '09 at 23:54
I've added to the Q title the type of card. – Andrew Arnott Sep 12 '09 at 23:56

It turns out that Microsoft employee smart cards can be unblocked even off the corporate network. Employees should contact MSIT for help.

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