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I am currently using Skype to share my screen with a single person.

Is there a away to share your screen with more then a single user? It would be nice if it was via skype but this is not mandatory.

I prefer a free service if possible.

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The answer promoting RHUB was downvoted because it was, essentially, spam. – slhck Aug 6 '14 at 8:36
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TeamViewer is a great, free option. It has drag & drop support for files, supports multi-monitor setups, integrated screenshots and allows you to record your sessions as well. There is also a meeting mode which allows upto 25 participants. Plus, it has iOS and Android apps to enable access on the go. You can view the 'Getting Started' guide here.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a browser-based solution or are in a hurry, you can try or Yuuguu.

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Check out TeamViewer, it allows multiple participants and is very easy to set up - no installation needed.

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You can try-

Mikogo (Free - )


GotoMeeting (30 Day Trial - )

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