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I use on OS X Leopard to create a monthly newsletter.

  • How do I create a link to a URL using only one word, such as "Garden" linking to a gardeners page?

  • I have exhausted all graphics in Pages and even pulled in graphics contained in iWeb and Keynote for added interest. It works just fine. Any suggestions on where I can pull new material from? Would have thought there would have been a Pages update by now. I am '09.

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Select the word, and in the Inspector, click the Link tab. Here, check Enable as a hyperlink and add your link.

As far as I know, Apple doesn't provide additional graphics or templates – and currently, there is no new version of iWork released. You'll find plenty of (commercial) Pages templates online though.

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You can create one or any words hyperlinks using ⌘ + K shortcut (Command + K).

There is a newest Pages update. Since 2013 it's being updated through Mac App Store. Current version is 5.5.3, released on April 21, 2015. More info.

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