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I'd like to update the contents of a unc directory with a local directory, but due to network speed issues I'd like to only send the updates to that directory.

Is there any software that can aid me in that task?

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You could use Git or Svn or a similar source control tool. Whether that's the right answer depends on the contents of the directory and your use case. – CJBrew Feb 28 '12 at 16:48

There are rsync tools for Windows like cwRsync and DeltaCopy (both wrap rsync, afaik)
You will find some more references at this StackOverflow question: Rsync for Windows

Personally, I'd just setup Cygwin and use rsync from in there.

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I think you want to take a look at Robocopy. It's been a part of windows since Vista/Wins2k8. The /MIR option may be useful and in the resource kit prior to that. Careful to test on TEST data!

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Try using Microsoft SyncToy or the built-in Offline Files feature.

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