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There are many similar topics about my issue, however I cannot figure out a solution for myself.

There are three hosts. A without a routable address but with an Internet access. Server S with a routable Internet address and host B behind NAT in a private network.

What I've managed to do is a OpenVPN connection between A and B via S. Everything works fine so far according to this manual VPN Setup

What I want to do is to connect A to Bs private network 10.A.B.x I tried this manual but had no luck.

So A has a vpn address, B's vpn address is and B's private network is

When at the Server I try to make a route to Bs private network like this

sudo route add netmask gw dev tun0

it says "route: netmask 000000ff doesn't make sense with host route" but I don't know how to tell Server to look for a private network in a different way.

Do you know how can I make it right ?

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What's the network and subnet mask on all three networks? I suspect that there is an overlap somewhere... – Jim G. Feb 29 '12 at 5:33

You also need to configure OpenVPN on the server so that it knows which client can route to which subnet; this guide looks pretty good.

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