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I have a client on linux and the mysql server on windows

I wanted to connect to mysql remotely 2 computers can ping each other without any problem in mysql server I set the permission correctly so the specified client is allowed to connect

Linux IP:

in windows system:

GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'parsa'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'parsa';
flush all privileges;

in my linux,in my.cnf I wrote this line in mysqld section


skip-networking was commented and I didn't change it I restarted the mysql

when I use

telnet 3306 

telnet:connect to address timed out

and using this command:

mysql -h -u parsa -p parsa
Error 2003:can't connect to mysql server on

The firewalls in both sides are disabled what should I do?

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Are you 100% sure that the server instance is running on the windows machine? You can verify this by doing C:\> sc query MySQL in cmd.exe on Windows. If it's not running try running it with... C:\> sc start MySQL. For more information I found this website to be helpful.

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