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I'm running BootCamp on my mac but the MBR needs fixing and I get this when I put in the XP disc:

enter image description here

A screen should appear giving me the Install or Repair option, but the Repair option is missing. It wants me to format everything before I start. How can I access the Recovery Console in this situation?

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You are upfront for one extra step. At the previous step, press R to enter the recovery console, not ENTER to enter Windows XP setup page. Please reboot and try again.

Example screen

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Yep, that's the screen I should be getting, but it takes me directly to this screen... As you can see, ENTER is an option here, so I haven't chosen to install yet. In fact, trying to install gives you an immediate warning that you must format since the MBR is screwed. – Aram Kocharyan Mar 1 '12 at 10:03

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