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I know that you can run php -l filename.php to run a syntax check on a file, but is there a way of parsing the file without actually executing it (ie without running any of the in-built PHP functions) as a double-check against calling undefined functions for example?

This guy has the same question, except he wants things like print to still produce output which I'm not bothered about.

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How about using an IDE with a PHP plugin? That would allow you syntax highlighting and intellisense/code completetion, along with varying degrees of parse/checking. It looks like there are at least two for Eclipse: PHPEclipse and PHP Dev Tools - and one for visual studio: vs.php (paid).

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Netbeans for PHP is actually also very good for this (no plugins required), I was just hoping for more of a command line/independent tool – Jon Mar 1 '12 at 13:34

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