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When I choose a table and choose "Insert caption..." I get the following caption:

Table Error! Use the Home tab to apply 0 to the text that you want to appear here..1.

After toggling to text it shows:

 Table { STYLEREF 0 \s }.{  SEQ Table \* ARABIC \s 0 }.

The problem seems to be that the number after STYLEREF is 0 instead of 1. To make it worse, all table captions in the document are affected after this operation.

How can I make STYLEREF 1 become the default?

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Try using the following steps (in Word 2007):

  1. Go to the "References" tab > "Insert Caption".
  2. Select the caption label you want under "Options".
  3. Click on "Numbering".
  4. Try fiddling with the heading styles and chapter numbers there, perhaps something was corrupted.
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