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I have been trying to find a way for the OS X Terminal to accept the mouse input to scroll in the man pages.

I have installed SIMBL and MouseTerm but this does not enable scrolling in the man pages. Any sugestions?

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The amount of the man page that you can see at one time is determined by the buffer size. Here is how to change it.

After much trial and error, I have enabled scrolling in vim, but not for man pages.

Append to your ~/.vimrc

set mouse=a
set ttymouse=xterm2

The following blog shows how to enable scrolling in vim using iTerm2. It unfortunately does not work on man pages.

As a work around, I would suggest:

*NIXmanual - A widget you enable on your Mac that cointains the man pages

linuxmanpages.com - A website will all linux man pages

Use the standard vim keys 'hjkl' or Shift Page Up andShift Page Down

Additional Resources

Arch linux forum discussion 1
Arch linux forum discussion 2

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In addition to the standard vim navigation, you can use d to scroll down half a page and u to scroll up half a page in man pages (and in less). You can also open man pages in vim with vim <(man foo); you could put that into a function in your .bashrc, something like: myman() { vim <(man "$1"); }, and then use it like myman foo. I'm aware that OSX uses bash version 3.x, so I don't know if process substitution works there, but if it does then that could be a workaround for getting the mouse in manpages. –  evilsoup Aug 17 '13 at 9:02

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