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I've set my umask in my .bashrc file to 007. Any files created on the command line after loading my bashrc file respects this setting. I want to be able to set the umask to 007 for any files created using non-command line apps.

This document talks about setting the umask via launchd. And it kind of works. If I follow these directions I can change the default permissions on a GUI created file from rw-r--r-- to rw-rw---- but the directories still are not group writeable (i.e. I want them to be rwxrwx--- but they are rwxr-x--- instead)

The analog on Linux would be /etc/login.defs as the place to set the umask.

What do I change in order for the umask to be set properly (i.e. the way I want it)?

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See here for the best answer so far:

No real solution though (yet).

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