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Is there a way to export a Word document to the PDF document without losing the URLs that are present in the original text?

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The built-in File > Save & Send > Create PDF/XPS Document works in Word 2010. The same functionality is available in a Microsoft Add-in for Word 2007.

Adobe Acrobat Pro's Word add-in (and PDF printer) also worked, and there is a setting in its preferences, Add Links (enabled by default). However, unlike the built-in add-in, the link came up as standard black text (clickable link). There's probably a setting somewhere to change that.

It all depends on the converter you use.

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I was struggling with this and just found the answer for me.

  1. In Word, go to Save as PDFOptions &rarr
  2. Uncheck ISO 19005-1 Compliant, click OK
  3. Publish.

Both the table of contents headings/links were clickable in the PDF and so were the hyperlinks.

Notes about what I'm running:

  • Word 2007 on Windows Home
  • Do have Adobe Acrobat installed, but didn't use that plug-in for this.
  • PC
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