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Ok so here's my network setup -

ADSL Router (non wifi) -> Wireless N Router (with LAN switch as well) -> Desktop
                          Wireless G Router (Wireless bridge from the N Router)

ADSL Router's network is and at present I have connected the ADSL router to N router's one of the LAN ports instead of the WAN port and another LAN port has my desktop.

The Wireless G Router is set in Access Point mode with an IP of and the wireless N router has IP

Also, the G router is not connected physically, the N router supports wireless bridging, so I'm bridging the routers.

Now the problem is that, I cannot access the outside world network from any wireless device on the G router whereas I'm able to access from the N router. It seems there's no routing table entry present (not sure why does it need that when all it has to do is route the traffic through I get no route to host response from my N router when I ping outside world from the G router. Moreover, the same works if I manually add a routing entry in N router's table say for via

How do I specify a general routing rule in the table so that for all ips this routing is followed? I tried and, but it doesn't work, gives an error.

As to why I need the G router is I'm using it as repeater.

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This shouldn't be a routing issue at all. The only device on your network that should be acting as a router-like device is your ADSL box, which is acting not just as a router, but as a full NAT gateway. The N AP and the G AP should have NAT, routing, and DHCP disabled. They should just be dumb layer 2 bridging devices. If adding a route entry fixes anything, then either your N AP or your G AP isn't acting as a simple layer 2 device.

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It's the N AP I guess. Because, my G router has a Access Point mode where all other functions are disabled except wireless and LAN ports (the WAN port becomes a LAN one then). Also, the setup seems to work the other way around with the roles of N & G routers swapped. :S – Nilesh Mar 3 '12 at 3:55
Moreover, the N router doesn't have an AP mode, so I guess I'm good with both the routers swapped. – Nilesh Mar 3 '12 at 3:56

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