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I've just installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview and runned diskcleanup in order to delete windows.OLD file and everything is OK, but now want I delete the remaining WindowsESD file.

Is there a way? If so, how do I do this?

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We do not recommend to remove the WindowsESD folder. This folder is used by Push Button Reset feature to reset your computer back to its original install state.

For Windows.old and other remaining setup files, you can run Disk Cleanup , click Clean up system files and check “Previous Windows Installation(s)” and “Temporary Windows Installation files” if available.

Basically, Windows uses those files for the new Refresh and Reset options, so unless space is an extremely important thing to you, I wouldn't delete it.

If you really want to delete it, run disk cleanup, click "Clean up System Files," then check "Windows ESD Installation Files" (or in the consumer preview, just follow the second-paragraph instructions)

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or move it to different drive and create a shortcut name ESD to the correct folder. Tested and running fine. I did try to put it on second partition of system drive, second drive of the system, not in the same drive of system. Both options are working fine for me

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