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I have just switched to zsh, and I would like to bind Home, End and Delete keys such that they would act similar to how they do in bash.

I have found some commands that work if I enter them directly into the command line:

bindkey '\eOF' end-of-line
bindkey '\e[3~' delete-char
bindkey '\eOH' beginning-of-line

Yet those commands do not take any effect when they're part of the zshrc. Other zshrc commands work fine. I do remember to restart terminal after each change.

I'm using ubuntu 11.10.

Please help, I have tried to find a similar questions, yet I can't find any solution.

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Solved by: bindkey '^[OH' beginning-of-line bindkey '^[OF' end-of-line bindkey '^[[3~' delete-char – Alex Mar 2 '12 at 23:34

You could try the things from here?

Also, have you tried putting the bindkey commands at the bottom of "$HOME/.zshrc" to ensure they are not being over-ridden?

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Comment by OP:

Solved by:

bindkey '^[OH' beginning-of-line
bindkey '^[OF' end-of-line
bindkey '^[[3~' delete-char
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