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How do I export tabluar data using Mysql WorkBench 5.2.37 CE Rev 8576? It seems I can export table schemas no problem but the .sql file generated has no data whatsoever?

Steps taken:

  1. Established and Connected to Database
  2. Go To Manage Import / Export
  3. Go To Data Export
  4. Select Databases and Tables
  5. Export to Dump Project Folder
  6. Start Export

Is it that this program won't export data? Am I doing something wrong? Is it a bug?

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via CLI: mysqldump -u root -p[root_password] [database_name] > dumpfilename.sql src0 src1 – jberger Sep 12 '13 at 10:30
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The export should be default include the table data. Make sure that Skip table data (no-data) in the options sub-panel is unchecked before you start the export.

If that doesn't work, try reverse engineering your database by going to the menu option Database > Reverse Engineer and complete the steps.

After you've reverse engineered your database, go to File > Export > Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script.

Under SQL Options, check the box Generate INSERT statements for Tables and then continue the export process.

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Yes that worked, I didn't see that option earlier lol... Is there a way to make this automatically reoccurring in the windows task manager like in the old MYSQL Administration software before Workbench? – Mallow Mar 2 '12 at 20:22

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