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How do I make this happen? A scheduled batch file seems like it might work but I have no idea how. I appreciate any help!

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You can use Windows Task Scheduler to do this:

The Task Scheduler can be used to execute tasks such as starting an application, sending an e-mail, or showing a message box. Tasks can be scheduled to execute:

When a specific system event occurs.
At a specific time.
At a specific time on a daily schedule.
At a specific time on a weekly schedule.
At a specific time on a monthly schedule.
At a specific time on a monthly day-of-week schedule.
When the computer enters an idle state.
When the task is registered.
When the system is booted.
When a user logs on.
When a Terminal Server session changes state.

Here you can see an example to get start to develop your own "clearing torrent files" task.

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