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I currently have the Windows 8 Consumer preview installed.I see a lot of possible improvements that people would be thankful for, how can I let them know.

While some Metro applications provide a Feedback button, I'm missing a Feedback client / window outside of that. Where did they put it? I don't see Windows 8 listed on Microsoft Connect either.

So, how do I let them know my feedback?

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There are official and unofficial ways to do this, if you need a quick response try the forum as those are the only ones that intend to respond to you. If you are not expecting a response, you could try to report your issue / bug / feedback in both the official and the unofficial place.

Official: From the Windows 8 Consumer Preview FAQ.

You can participate on the Windows 8 forum, which intends to be the main place for consumers. Furthermore, this forum also lists a lot of bugs and solutions / work-arounds which is handy if you are experiencing bugs and would like to see if a common solution is available.

You can participate in the Windows Feedback Program, which seems to be a survey at first. When this starts I will attempt to update this post to reflect what this survey is exactly about.

Unofficial: From a MVP, the tool is from Microsoft Connect.

After some tricky searching, I found it on the Microsoft forums where I saw a Microsoft Connect link referenced by a MVP. You can download the Windows Send Feedback Tool which has been updated on 27 Februari to be specific to the Consumer Preview. This is part of the Windows Ecosystem Readiness program which attempts to prepare Windows 8 for the home and business ecosystem.

Upon installation, this will add a Send Feedback for Windows Consumer Preview entry.

This is a shortcut to

C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe %windir%\system32\feedbacktool.dll,ShowWizardW -guid {ebd7d0fc-3b22-4696-9e83-1cf6ba0a9e61}

in case you can't find the added Start Screen tile and/or shortcut on your system after installation.

For example, entering Messaging app shows you similar Feedback futures like seen in the application itself; but actually does allows you to select more negative issues than available in the Metro application. As three are quite some areas you can report things about (any applications, hardware devices, ...) you should take a look for yourself.

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The building windows 8 blog, in the comments, see http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/archive/2011/08/17/about-this-blog-and-your-comments.aspx. Although, it's getting bit late on the main OS/UI if you look at the full history.

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Yeah, I know. Their post rate has severely dropped and the amount of comments is immense, more overly it gets a bit tricky to choose which blog post to place your random feedback onto. I've actually found the thing I knew existed and have put a self answer; thanks for trying to help, would've been handy as a worst case scenario action! :) –  Tom Wijsman Mar 3 '12 at 2:27

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