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Which vim version i should be use in fedora for "daily" use(shell, c,...)? What is the differences beetween versions, types(example gvim, x11,vimrc)?

Thanks for the answers,

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Vim works in your terminal, doesn't work outside it, while GVim works outside the terminal as an X11 client.

X11 is a protocol for handling graphical capabilities on linux. It doesn't have much to do with G/Vim other than rendering it on the screen (That said, you can see the differences for yourself by pressing ctrl + alt + f<num> and starting a tty session. You can get back to graphics by doing ctrl + alt + f6 if I recall correctly).

vimrc is your Vim settings file. Settings edited here will be available for Vim and GVim to use after a restart or a reload. However, there are some things that will be available in Gvim that won't be on Vim, mostly relating to graphics.

For daily use, I would suggest you use GVim (don't forget to run vimtutor first!). However, if you're in your terminal a lot, consider giving Vim a shot instead. Also consider taking a look at the SU Vim tag, SO Vim tag and SF vim tag, so you can get explanations as to why some things work, and learn yourself how to be more productive when using Vim.

Also consider VimUniversity, and googling around for how to do things in Vim. You will be surprised.

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Debian has ctrl+alt+f7, but fedora might be different. – Christian Mann Mar 3 '12 at 9:04
thanks this useful informations – flatronka Mar 3 '12 at 10:10
X is usually on CTRL+ALT+F1 on Fedora. systemd dynamically creates TTYs on the fly, so graphical logins get VT1, if you press CTRL+ALT+F2 a text terminal is automatically spawned on VT2, and if you went back to the VT1 and selected Switch User the new graphical session would get VT3. Also, make sure you have the vim-enhanced package installed if you use Vim on Fedora (gvim might drag that in automatically). Most live media spins only include the minimal Vim to save space. – Patches Mar 4 '12 at 20:01

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